when three’s a crowd . . .

when three’s a crowd . . .

Elf on a Shelf first came to my attention last year. A novel idea I thought, promptly forgetting about it. Two weeks ago I got hold of a couple of the boxed sets down under & with some little peeps in mind (we’re talking 3.5, 2.5 & .5) forked out the $80. Long short story, 3.5 is freaking out, totally not doing the whole Santa thing (no sitting on the fat man’s lap for that kid,) the body language of 2.5 wearing black designer sunnies & sitting next to his father suggested he was there against his free will & .5 hasn’t even been here long enough to get through the first box of Huggies! So my “that’s a good idea” was heading straight for “put them away till next year” when I stumbled into the inappropriate elf scene.

With a warped wicked sense of humor, joining in was a no-brainer! I had to trust gut instinct which elf to let loose with both of them identical & I didn’t want any trouble later on, down the track. Anyhow, I digress — once No Name was out it became immediately apparent he was a BIG boy! Within minutes he was at it! Barbie was down on the floor, disheveled & crying, Ken was cursing & Who Me? was howling at the back door. The Fat Cat was hissing, ready to pounce. Momentarily distracted I turned back in the nick of time to catch No Name yanking on The Fat Cat’s tail. All hell broke loose & it took a while to extract The Fat Cat’s tail from No Name’s vice like grip. I needed caffeine badly!


The sound of running water alerted me to something going on downstairs. No Name was in the spa with a lopsided lovely & sleazy looking salesman. The champagne cork had been popped & it was looking very much like No Name was thinking he was about to get lucky! The stupid grin on his face was enough to reveal he was neither old enough or mature enough to play this game . . .

The 2nd Annual Inappropriate Elf Contest has some awesome prizes on offer,
voting begins on the 7th Dec — my entry is #47.

Make sure you check out all the entries, they’re terrific!
of course No Name & yours truly would love your vote :)


tiny tarts project
tiny tarts project

For many years I was a Tiny Tart!
Every year we created a group project to display at the VAME (Victorian Association of Miniature Enthusiasts) annual show. In 2001 we decided to make a 1/12th scale brothel which we called “Mini Planet” & a tour of a certain well known establishment was organized which some of our group went to in order to authenticate our display. We each made a room & mine was this spa room. The 9-room setting was displayed behind a curtain with an Adults Only notice, warning of sex scenes, doll nudity & some violence.

* Tiny Tarts — totally artistic, really terrific sorts!

* a photo of the “Mini Planet” was published in RED (a magazine for the sex industry)
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